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The petite Cleope pellet stove features perfect heat output for a small space plus all the benefits of an ecological and cost-effective fuel. Cleope is easy to use, programmable, clean, safe and offer a long burn time.


Pellets are discharged automatically from the hopper into the grate to feed the flame. On and off times can be programmed (with automatic ignition) as well as the required temperature. And all in total safety. 


There is an indicator mark to indicate low pellet, and if you run out of pellets the system shuts down safely! Available in a range of great colours, that will suit any decor. Pellet heating is up to 70% more efficient than traditional wood stoves and has significantly lower emissions levels.


It's comfort with a conscience. 

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Heat Output

The 6kW Cleope has the capacity to heat between 100 - 175m3 through fan-forced heat and an efficiency of up to 91%.

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Quality Components

Superior Pellet Heaters are made from high quality components such as steel, cast iron and high grade electronics.

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The Cleope consumes between 0.64-1.36kg/h which is an average of 0.9kg/hr. If you run your heater for 7 hours a day you will use 6.3kg/day!

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Carol - 6kW


Maryon - 8kW


Mary - 8kW


Maya - 8kW


Sally - 10kW

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